Carl White


About me

FUNomenal's CEO Carl White has been living and working in Berlin for the past 7 years. A former legal advocate at Wilmer-Hale Boston, his passion, drive and dedication is now focused around creating Germany's first Urban Entertainment Center.

Mr. White attended Northeastern University where he majored in Human Services and Political Science, then attended Stanford Law School in the United States after which he worked as an associate at Wilmer-Hale Law offices in Boston, Massachusetts. Later, after deciding to travel he has plied his trade as an English Trainer to government officials, law offices and corporations since 2001.

Some of his clients include, but not limited to, the Spanish Minister of Education, CEO of Viacom International in Madrid, Spain, various directors and heads of departments at Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank and finally senior partners at top law firms in Berlin, Germany. He is proficient in German, Italian and Spanish in addition to his native English.